December 16 2017

The iPhone X launch convinced me we'll never see an iPhone 9

December 16 2017, 04:50 | Jodi Jackson

Percentage of users trading their smartphones annually in 2016-2017

Percentage of users trading their smartphones annually in 2016-2017

Twitter was in disarray when Apple executives started calling it the iPhone 10 on stage, despite it being named the "iPhone X"... which many thought meant it was actually called the iPhone "Ex".

When you compare what Apple introduced today to what's been available on Android phones for years, it might seem like the company is behind.

The price may raise eyebrows, experts said, but Apple has proven it can sell phones.

Apple's decision to go with "iPhone X" as the written name makes sense as X is the roman numeral for 10, but I was taken aback by Apple's choice to say the number rather than the letter.

The company revealed that the AirPower charger will be available next year.

Apple has also introduced a new swiping up gesture to go "home" on the iPhone, which is also used for multitasking on the iPhone X. The lock button on the side of the handset can now be used to fire up Siri.

As the device does away this the home button, functions will be accessed via a variety of touch gestures.

The primary reason behind the skepticism is that most of the technology Apple has showcased already exists on other phones.

Chinese user’s answer to whether they will buy the new iPhone model
Chinese user’s answer to whether they will buy the new iPhone model

Shares of Apple are down 0.90% in early trading on Wednesday, the day after the announcement event.

Apple also touted its new operating system, iOS 11, will be available on September 19. The shares are up nearly 40 percent on the year. However, there are concerns that the phone's high price tag will ward off many Chinese shoppers.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are evolutions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and they look very similar to their predecessors.

The iPhone X comes with dual 12-megapixel cameras on the rear, with larger and faster sensors than on the iPhone 7. It features richer colors thanks to a new screen technology called OLED.

However, in an embarrassing moment for Apple senior vice president Craig Federighi, the face-ID unlocking did not work on his first attempt during the on-stage presentation.

However, there were also plenty of things that Apple didn't tell us about the special edition phone. However, their remarks suggested that the phone does not have the full panoply of 3D-sensor chips that some had expected.

Wireless carriers and Apple will offer incentives to purchase the iPhone X so you won't have to drop $1,000 all at once. The high iPhone X price in India seems even more expensive when you consider the United States pricing of the handset, which once again raises the question whether buying it from the USA is a better option.

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