February 24 2018

Caribbean begins rebuilding from Irma after leaders tour islands

February 24 2018, 05:47 | Van Peters

The Rubble And Recovery Of US Virgin Islands: 'Will We Survive The Aftermath?'

Caribbean Families Separate to Rebuild Lives After Storm

And you have to stop expecting that recovery is going to come in a matter of days. He constantly monitored Facebook, searching for updates on the monster storm that was barreling toward his friends in the Caribbean.

A Halifax couple with property in the British Virgin Islands says they're more anxious about their old neighbours living there after Hurricane Irma than they are about damage to their property.

The house did not sustain heavy damage, she said, but when she emerged after the storm, the island was unrecognizable. "I felt helpless until I realized, I had to do something".

Stacey Plaskett, the representative to Congress for the U.S. Virgin Islands, established a fund on Friday to provide for the critical needs and the cost of aid.

"This story is about the tens of thousands of people who have lost their homes and their livelihoods". "The Islands of St. Thomas and St. John have suffered devastating destruction to their homes, businesses, restaurants, resorts and overall infrastructure". Category 5 winds of 150 miles per hour wracked the 20-mile island from coast to coast. And even more help is going to be needed in the weeks and months and possibly years ahead as this island tries to rebuild.

Damaged buildings and trees in St. John on September 12. The Corps of Engineers is also coordinating the shipment of a 750-kilowatt generator to St. Thomas to assist in restarting the island's power plant.

"We heard there were starving in [the island of] Jost Van Dyke and that nobody had gotten to them yet", he said. These young men helped to save their lives.

If you're looking to contribute to relief efforts, the petition recommends three reputable local charities: St. John Community Foundation, St. John Rescue, Inc and St. John Animal Care Center. A lack of phone service and internet have proven challenging, prompting many to post frantically to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when able, begging for help. "We were looking out the window and our roof flew off and landed on our auto", said Cooper.

Long Road to Recovery Begins After Irma
Long Road to Recovery Begins After Irma Getty Images

People who are still trapped in St. Thomas say while the winds have stopped, the need for help is greater than ever. Through Monday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency had sent nearly 443,000 meals and 146,000 liters of water to St. Thomas and St. John.

- Marines from the 26th MEU battalion landing team conducting logistical and support operations in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Trump also declared a major disaster in Puerto Rico, ordering federal aid to supplement local recovery efforts.

The DoD has coordinated the evacuation of 1,904 individuals over the past 3 days, with all remaining USA citizens requesting evacuation to be completed today, and around 500 being evacuated from British Islands no later than tomorrow.

Likewise, Norwegian Cruise Line's "Norwegian Sky" went to St. Thomas to bring supplies and is now heading to Miami, according to the company.

"To ensure everyone's safety, we are requesting the postponement of all scheduled visits to St. Thomas and St. John", said Nicholson-Doty in a recent press release.

After two massive hurricanes hit the United States back to back, much media attention has focused on damage to the mainland - predominantly in Texas and in Florida.

Mr Nibbs said that in all his life he has "never seen anything like this".

"It was always an island of rich and poor, where some of the richest people in the world had their house in areas with shantytowns", Dutch Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk said on Wednesday.

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