February 24 2018

Clippers, Other Cleveland Indians Minor League Affiliates See Increase in Attendance

February 24 2018, 05:43 | Sammy Rose

Indians close in on 1935 Cubs’ long-standing consecutive wins mark

Indians close in on 1935 Cubs’ long-standing consecutive wins mark

The NBA superstar posted a video praising the Indians' American League record-setting 21st consecutive win Wednesday, continuing his allegiance to the tribe.

Cleveland's first World Series title since 1948 remains the only goal for a team built to win. Only the 1916 Giants and their 26-game win streak stand ahead of the Indians, but the Giants' streak is marred by a tie that was later replayed. But there's a catch! The team that embraced the "#Moneyball" ideology won their 20th game on September 5th, 2002 on Scott Hatteberg's walk-off home run, a moment that was re-created in 2011 in the film "Moneyball " starring Brad Pitt. The Indians' best-ever team was a sight to behold in 1954, winning 111 games, but they were summarily swept in the World Series by a New York Giants team featuring the young Willie Mays. "We had a lot of opportunities to score (earlier in the game), but we couldn't cash in". But because the tied game was replayed from the start the next day, it didn't technically count and therefore didn't stop New York's streak.

In their bid for sole possession of baseball's longest winning streak in the last 101 years, the Cleveland Indians found themselves a strike away from losing on Thursday. Just as many cities either already had, or were about to do, Cleveland opened a concrete and steel ballpark for its American League franchise-then known as the Cleveland Naps-for the 1910 season.

The Indians have been dominant throughout their streak, posting a run differential in 21 games that any major league team would feel lucky to produce in a season, and having only trailed four innings during the entirety of the streak. At the time, games weren't suspended and picked up at a later date for a rainout; rather, the teams acted like the innings that happened before the rainout never happened and just started the game over whenever they could.

And, once again, the New York Giants are involved. Give him credit, that's a good pitcher on the mound.

Trevor Bauer (16-8) starts for the Indians - he's won nine straight decisions, and will aim to tie for the big league lead in victories. It was tied by Lefty Grove (1931 Philadelphia A's) and Schoolboy Rowe (1934 Detroit Tigers). Of the 48 games in which he has played, Cleveland has lost only 11 of them. Rookie Jorge Alfaro and Freddy Galvis homered in Philadelphia's seven-run second, and Cameron Perkins belted his first major league home run in the eighth.

But is that the all-time record?

The Indians haven't treated any single win during the streak as anything more than another small milestone in baseball's daily marathon over the hills and turns of a six-month regular season.

If the Indians were to keep up such a staggering run differential for an entire season, baseball's Pythagorean formula, which estimates winning percentage based on runs scored and runs allowed, predicts they would win 149 of 162 games.

Hubbell would win 253 games before his career ended in 1943.

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