February 24 2018

Miami Republican demands straight answer from Trump on Dreamers

February 24 2018, 05:44 | Van Peters

Trump open to Dreamers relief legislation without wall funding: aide

Administration Hints That Trump Would Work With Dems on DACA

"Do the women get to talk around here?"

"What remains to be negotiated are the details of border security, with a mutual goal of finalizing all details as soon as possible", Schumer and Pelosi said. While Trump remains committed to his campaign promise to build the wall along the US border with Mexico, "whether or not that is specifically part of a DACA package or a different legislative package, I am not going to prejudge here today", Short said.

Department of Homeland Security spokesperson David Lapan confirmed the legitimacy of the talking points to CNN, and said that while the agency hopes Congress creates a solution for the 700,00 people now protected by DACA, those people should begin planning for the future, even if that means self-deportation.

Sean Hannity, the Fox News host, said Trump's reported deal was akin to the broken pledge of President George H.W. Bush, who famously said, "Read my lips".

New application submissions, as of September 5, are being ultimately rejected. "This is the most shocking thing I have ever seen in my life!'"

A call-to-action has been proposed by the masses to contact their representatives and voice their opinions, but we've recently seen how well Congress works when passing bills.

U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis is overseeing a case in which immigration advocates want to challenge President Donald Trump's decision to end a program that has protected some young immigrants from deportation. Leading up to the 2012 presidential election, 42 percent of Latino voters agreed that Barack Obama had failed on the issue of immigration reform, and that they would not commit to voting for his reelection.

Weeks ahead of a looming deadline that could endanger the status of more than 150,000 DACA recipients, a Brooklyn federal judge leaned on government lawyers to rethink the date.

"The university says it doesn't allow ICE agents on campus, but that doesn't mean they won't come in", said Lin, who was brought to the US illegally at age 12.

She continued, "They're already building sample walls". "Again, I have always operated under the assumption that's what they wanted to do, and I think the reasons why we got the six-month period is to give Congress the opportunity to work to fix it".

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders disputed the Democrats' version of events and tweeted that "excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to", but an adviser to Senator Schumer quickly tweeted in response, "The President made clear he would continue pushing the wall, just not as part of this agreement".

In brief comments to reporters Thursday morning, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that he would wait until he heard all that happened t the dinner meeting between Trump and Pelosi and Schumer.

"At this point, who DOESN'T want Trump impeached?" conservative commentator Ann Coulter remarked over Twitter. A bit later, she added, "Looks like Bannon got it wrong".

The House on Thursday advanced a bill hinged on the principal of guilt-by-association, marking for deportation of non-US citizens merely suspected of knowing those engaged in a wide list of activities.

While Yang and many in Washington call DACA unconstitutional, the ACLU, among other groups, argues President Obama acted within the scope of an executive order.

Before September 2017, nearly 800,000 were said to be enrolled in the scheme after having arrived illegally in the United States when they were children - some with parents who had legal work visas but who had failed to obtain them for their children, others with families who had been unsuccessful in seeking asylum.

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