February 24 2018

UN Security Council calls to resolve Rohingya crisis

February 24 2018, 05:41 | Van Peters

Suspend military action violence against Rohingya Muslims UN tells Myanmar

Rohingya Muslims

Aung San Suu Kyi won both Nobel Peace Prize and Rafto Foundation from Norway for her "contribtuion to democracy in Myanmar".

The Rohingya, a mostly Muslim minority in the Buddhist-majority Rakhine state, have long experienced persecution in Myanmar, which says they are illegal immigrants.

Suu Kyi's appearance at last year's General Assembly was a landmark: her first since her party won elections in 2015 and replaced a military-dominated government.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the U.N. Security Council called for "immediate steps" to end violence against the Rohingya people on Wednesday.

The council on Wednesday issued a statement condemning "the initial attack on security forces and subsequent violence".

"The UN Secretary General has urged the worldwide community to mobilise immediately to help the refugees, the men and the women and the children", he said.

When VOA asked whether he meant that the Rohingya had more resources than his government, he said, "You can make your own judgment".

He added that Iran was also prepared to set up field hospitals for Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh.

Then on September 13, the show aired a brief clip of the United Nations chief calling on Myanmar authorities to end the violence, which Woodruff followed with "Myanmar claims that it's only reacting to attacks by Rohingya insurgents". "We are urgently appealing for more funds", he said. That number has now tripled to almost 380,000 and people are arriving hungry and malnourished and finding shelter in makeshift settlements or with host communities.

On the border separating Bangladesh from Myanmar, thousands of Rohingya Muslim families remain in limbo after escaping from the threat of attack. "There may be many terrorists who were involved" in the attacks last month, Aung Lynn said. In a statement, Security Council "expressed deep concern" about the situation in Rakhine State.

After a Rohingya insurgent group attacked police posts in Myanmar's Rakhine state on August 25, the military responded with "clearance operations". However, since she has taken over the post of Foreign Minister and State Counsellor of Myanmar, she has been in the center of global criticism for her support for the military's actions against Rohingya minorities. The chief of United Nations human rights, Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, has named it as ' a textbook example of ethnic cleansing'.

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