February 24 2018

UN sends supplies to Syria's Deir el-Zour — The Latest

February 24 2018, 05:42 | Van Peters

Syria war: Stranded IS convoy reaches Deir al-Zour

Towards war's end in Syria

Since the summer of 2014, the Islamic State (IS) has surrounded the city and starved its people.

Taysir believes that the regime's battle in Deir-ez-Zor will likely last months "because the organization has fortified itself well in the districts it controls in the city".

"Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) turned over an American citizen who surrendered to SDF on or around Sept. 12", Defense spokesman Marine Maj.

Syrian troops, coupled with the strong support of Iran-backed militants, have expelled ISIS terrorists from central Homs province near the border with Lebanon in recent weeks, and are now fighting with them in the oil-rich province of Dear Lake Zor in the eastern part of the country. This was a deal struck by IS, the Syrian government, the Lebanese government, and Hezbollah. Indeed, the last time Shoigu visited Syria to meet with Assad and inspect the Khmeimim airbase was in June 2016.

The distance between SDF and the Syrian regime forces is about 15 kilometres.

The government-controlled Syrian Central Military Media reported the clashes saying IS positions are being targeted with artillery and rockets.

This is not first help given to inhabitants of Deir ez-Zor since end of siege.

In a statement, the U.N. said it wishes to visit the city "as soon as the situation on the ground permits" access. But none of these conversations involved the representatives of the Federation of Northern Syria and the VTS (although the representatives of Russia repeatedly proposed to include them in the negotiation process).

Anti-IS coalition drones left the skies above the convoy on Friday, after conducting strikes that left craters in roads, destroyed bridges and targeting militants who fled.

Syrian government and allied forces, including Iranian troops backed by Russian airpower, recently broke into Deir ez-Zor and have made gains against the terror group.

The United States is supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-Arab alliance that opposes the regime, as they advance toward Deir ez-Zor in an effort to capture the Euphrates River valley.

The fight against ISIS is increasingly concentrating in the Euphrates River Valley, which stretches from northwest Iraq to southeast Syria.

Duterte's government failed to recognise the developing power of this enlarged cohort. There are now real concerns that the rebels will focus on other urban areas, and perhaps even move to metropolitan Manila itself. We will operate on donations to cover our operating cost of the publication. Opening the land route to the city allowed a reliable supply route to be established.

The SDF command confirmed they would respond if the Syrian regime forces cross the Euphrates to their areas.

The siege came as a major symbolic victory for the pro-government forces.

Therefore, probably, the SDS attracted to attack on ISIS in Deir ez-Zor part of the units, previously employed in the assault on Raqqa. He fled to Turkey before returning to Syria and joining the SDF.

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