December 16 2017

James Corden 'disappointed' in himself for Sean Spicer snap

December 16 2017, 03:06 | Frederick Owens

Sean Spicer helps Stephen Colbert mock Trump at the Emmys: Ex-press secretary turns on his old boss with shock cameo as host ridicules the President as a 'morally corrupt anti-hero'

Sean Spicer was wheeled out during Stephen Colbert's opening monologue to the shock of celebrities sitting in the audience at the Microsoft Theater in LA Sunday

Yeah. I know you think that is a picture of me kissing Sean Spicer.

Close Modal Window Hang on for a minute.we're trying to find some more stories you might like. The "Sean" in question was none other than Sean Spicer, the disgraced former press secretary in the Trump White House. James Corden was photographed kissing Sean Spicer on the cheek post-Emmys, and possibly trying to get in on the joke, but it just wasn't wasn't a good look. This statement has been proven false by pictorial evidence and eyewitness reports.

He said the audience was was "the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration" despite photographic evidence to the contrary. How about "Holocaust Center?" I just happened to kiss the biggest one there'. If anyone should be angry with Spicer it's Trump's true believers.

It's not as if Kim Jong-Un could step down as a dictator in North Korea and then suddenly become a comedian, and we say, "Well, we forgive him now".

During host#Stephen Colbert's opening monologue, Spicer rolled out a portable White House podium in order to make a few surprise comments.

It helped that Spicer wore his shame on his sleeve on occasion, laughing alongside reporters as he attempted to fill in the logical gaps on issues such as Trump's sudden embrace of positive jobs numbers, the same numbers he'd criticized before entering office.

In the lobby, the former press secretary was seen having a grand time, which apparently is becoming quite common for him. It is inarguable that it carried this category because of its political satire-Baldwin portrays Donald Trump; MacKinnon, Hillary Clinton; McCarthy, Sean Spicer-and that SNL has a history of providing gallows humor in light of White House-imposed despair.

Not, however, famed fictional anti-muggle racist Lucius Malfoy (aka actor Jason Isaacs), who took to Instagram to note his confused displeasure that Spicer was at the festivities.

And let's not forget the end of the bit when Colbert calls him Melissa McCarthy. It's the stuff comedy was made for.

With this in mind, when Spicer resigned in July, he was effectively a national laughingstock.

GQ's Keith Olbermann tweeted: "Shame on the Emmys for the Spicer validation". The Emmys are an entertainment awards show.

"Trump was right about one thing: "[Spicer] gets great ratings.

During Sean Spicer's tenure as Donald Trump's Press Secretary, he incorrectly claimed that Adolf Hitler did not use chemical weapons during World War II.

It's a pretty well-established truism in Washington that when a politician messes up, he or she should go on late night television and make self-deprecating jokes.

The Emmys welcoming Spicer on stage is revolting, but it's not a surprise. Did he basically just admit to lying to the American people?

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