December 16 2017

Old iPhone apps to be killed off by Apple iOS 11

December 16 2017, 04:47 | Geraldine Moore

iPhone X's $999 pricing is “value price”, says Tim Cook

Tim Cook says $999 iPhone X is “a value price”: Is he wrong?

For some time now, Apple has been warning iPhone and iPad users that legacy 32-bit apps may slow down their devices, but with the recent release of iOS 10.3, Apple has escalated things by making it clear that the end is nigh.

It's a question I get every time Apple releases a new iOS.

If your device is on the list above you should now be able install this latest software.

iOS 11 will come preinstalled on the new iPhone 8/8 Plus, as well as the iPhone X. It will have to be downloaded onto earlier devices.

The most straightforward way to install iOS 11 is via the OTA (over the air) update that will land straight on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Once there you should see "Screen Recording" add it to the control center. Taking a screenshot is done in the same way - holding down the home and power buttons - but now you'll get a small preview in the bottom left corner.

Tucsonans may be tempted to get iOS 11 now because it could keep drivers safe behind the wheel. From breastfeeding mothers to zombies, pixies, a T-rex and a vomiting smiley, there's plenty to choose from. This release changes a lot of features for the iPad - especially the iPad Pro, and a significant amount for all versions of the iPhone. The company's latest offering comes just a week after the global launch of its three new phone variants - iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X - along with Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K. Do not forget to download on WiFi as data charges will be high, considering this could be a heavy update, close to 1GB depending on when you last updated the iOS device. There, you should see the option for iOS 11. Activate the "Type to Siri" feature within accessibility settings.

You can find that by clicking: Settings General About Applications. The update is available for all Apple Watch users, including the original model.

If you think it's bad news your iPhone 5c can't handle iOS 11 then think again! Your texts will be more customizable than ever with the addition of Bearded Man, Woman with Headscarf, Exploding Head smiley and Throwing Up smiley, among many others.

From there you can drag and drop apps to initiate multitasking, with your choice of recently opened apps or a permanent roster of your favorites.

Also, ensure you know your Apple ID and password and passcode.

It has been a long time coming, but Apple is finally locking out the old apps that still run the dated 32-bit architecture.

The App Store has been redesigned to make it more enjoyable to browse through.

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