December 16 2017

4 reasons to choose the iPhone 8 over the iPhone X

December 16 2017, 04:53 | Geraldine Moore

Who's Going to Buy the iPhone 8? More People Than You Might Think

Everything about Apple's iPhone X

Although neither method is a ideal solution, they do at least give you some protection if your iPhone X is forcefully taken from you.

Apple is getting a lot better at mass-production of new iPhones well either that, or iPhone 8 preorders aren't really comparable with previous years.

According to Apple, and we kid you not, its most expensive iPhone ever made developed a fault because a staff member moved it before it was unveiled.

The iPhone X sports a unique FaceID facial recognition system to unlock the device - just look at your phone to unlock it.

Apple iPhone X Pros#1. What is the way to handle the situation if someone is forced to unlock their iPhone X? The feature is actually simple to set up and it works by enabling the TrueDepth camera.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are on sale now and you can pick one up at a local store.

Apple iPhone X beat Samsung Galaxy S8 in both single-core and multi-core performance on Geekbench thanks to the new A11 Bionic Fusion chip. iPhone X scores 4188 in single-core and 10069 in multi-core performance, which is nearly double of the top Android competitor. For more analysis of Apple, visit the IBD Stock Checkup. In short, Snapdragon 845 has got some serious competition even before its existence!

Apple changed the iPhone X's surface; it is all glass now and it uses facial recognition, dubbed FaceID, to unlock the phone. So that's another thing to keep in mind as you decide whether you want the iPhone X.

Apple iPhone X Cons#1. But Apple has created something of a conundrum for customers by postponing the release of its higher-end iPhone X until November 3. For instance, the Galaxy S8 Plus packs a 3,500mAh battery. In fact, this security measure has been in place even before that, with too many incorrect tried at a passcode resulting in a timeout or complete lock out from the device.

The iPhone X will cost £999 for the entry-level 64GB, while the range-topping 246GB model is £1,149.

The second one worked and face was saved. But it still needed to make room for the front camera and various sensors, including those needed for its Face ID system. During the interview, Federighi explained that seeing Face ID in action is "pretty miraculous" while adding that "it just works". Instead, that data is stored securely on a chip inside the iPhone X in the same way that other iPhones securely store your fingerprint data. That's why it's commanding a lofty £999 to £1,149 price range in United Kingdom stores. And then there's the 256GB version, which costs $1,149 in United States and ₹102,000 in India.

The iPhone X has what Apple calls a Super Retina Display.

Apple says Face ID is better still than Touch ID at thwarting biometric spoofing thanks to the hardware setup.

-Will the new Apple Watch let one listen to an audio book without needing the iPhone nearby?

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