December 16 2017

Critics ding Kingsman: The Golden Circle: An 'unentertaining' and 'unnecessary' sequel

December 16 2017, 03:07 | Frederick Owens

Julianne Moore 'Fangirled Out' Over Elton John While Filming Kingsman: The Golden Circle

VisitBritain launches spy-themed campaign ahead of film release

The first Kingsman movie, The Secret Service, was well received by audiences and critics (74% at Rotten Tomatoes). As long as you don't expect it to be a genre-defying blockbuster, get comfortable and enjoy "The Golden Circle" for what it's worth. If you did you may be disappointed by this film but you'll still have a good time, however, if you did not like Kingsman: The Secret Service then Kingsman: The Golden Circle will not win you over. Nabbing the biggest laughs of all is a very well-deployed Elton John.

The company recently unveiled a new teaser for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which offers fans "a few punches you don't have to pay for".

"I think I always believed there must be a way I come back", he says. Pedro Pascal, known best for Game of Thrones and Narcos, is the highlight of Golden Circle as Agent Whiskey.

Todd McCarthy from The Hollywood Reporter said, "Considerable shrewdness is applied to the conception and execution of almost every scene to make this old spy stuff feel fresh, which it mostly does".

If the output will be held next October 11 in France, the film arrives on a large part of the globe as soon as this Friday.

In his first-ever sequel as director, Vaughn plunges back into the world of Kingsman, a British network of well-tailored spies with gadgets to die for, and teenage tearaway-turned-recruit Eggsy (Taron Egerton).

Co-starring Mark Strong, Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and Channing Tatum as Eggsy's American counterpart, the film naturally involves dancing (because what Tatum movie is complete without a good dance sequence?) and is filled with jokes as the expense of the Americans.

But the Guardian's Gwilym Mumford said: "The visual wit that made the original feel so bracingly fresh is maintained". The sequel opens with our hero Eggsy (Taron Egerton) having a slobber-knocker with Charlie (Edward Holcroft), a washed-out Kingsman recruit from the first film who has now broken bad, in the back of Eggsy's taxi cab. Another nice touch that adds to the fun of Kingsman: The Golden Circle is how the franchise leans even further into loving homage to the Bond films. Of course, Poppy has the cure, forcing Eggsy and quartermaster pal Merlin (Mark Strong) to seek help from Kingsman's United States counterpart, the Statesmen. I for one will never turn down a film with a laser-equipped lasso that cuts people in half.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is out in the United Kingdom on Wednesday - and it's been met with a mixed reception from the critics. Refreshingly, Mark Strong's Merlin has a beefed-up role, since a diminished lineup of Kingsman forces the character to step up and aid Eggsy against Julianne Moore's extremely villainous, yet still adorable, Poppy.

How do you top one of the most weird and over the top spy movies of all time?

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