December 16 2017

IOS 11 is now available for download on supported devices

December 16 2017, 03:04 | Jodi Jackson

How to Fix iOS 11 OTA Stuck on 'Preparing Update' Issue

Apple will now be rolling out the much-awaited iOS 11 operating system for the iPhone iPad and the iPod Touch

That's iOS 11, Apple's newest mobile operating system, and there are some good reasons not to ignore the update.

iPhone and iPad owners, grab your devices, because it's time to update to iOS 11.

The official final build of iOS 11 was released today by Apple, now it's time to hit the download button.

Revamped Control Center: personalize quick access to various controls.

People can send each other money on the spot in real time through text messages using Apple Pay.

This morning I detailed plans we have for the future of the site now that the app doesn't work in iOS 11 anymore.

Coming to the iPads, the Apple iPad Air will get the new update along with the iPad Pro series.

This is annoying but again there are some simple things you can do to prevent it happening and in the long run it'll let you take more photos, videos and store more songs on your device. Unfortunately, the app is not yet available for all iOS users in those countries.

The idea is you'll be able to mix your reality - throwing animation into real life - such as Snapchat's dancing hot dog. And please enable the "do not disturb while driving" feature.

Prevent Distracted Driving: be safe while driving!

Now you choose what shortcuts are featured there.

Also included is an improved version of Siri with more natural voices and the ability to translate English into select other languages, a refreshed App Store, and both lane guidance and speed limits in Apple Maps.

It's worth noting that the new app is still not running perfectly for everyone.

Apple let us know at the September 12 Keynote event that the iOS 11 OTA update will be this month itself.

Apple has already announced one minor issue with it being confirmed that iOS 11 won't ship with one of its most impressive new features. Hit "Add" and blammo, you've now got an app icon on your home screen that brings you directly to that looks just like the old TouchArcade app.

The revamp also provides prominent display to gaming apps, which some analysts expect to comprise 75% of App Store revenue.

This new iOS 11 feature compacts the keyboard to either left or right of the screen making it easier to type using one hand. The new default feature dubbed as "intelligent tracking prevention", essentially blocks those pesky ads that follow you all over the internet in Safari, Apple's very own web browser.

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