December 16 2017

Apple revamps its App Store

December 16 2017, 04:47 | Jodi Jackson

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When users swipe up and access their iPhone's Control Center to switch off Bluetooth or Wifi, toggling those switches does nothing.

The dock normally shows your most recently used apps, but you can customize it so that certain apps will always be there. They closely tracked the entire activity of the user until the Bluetooth connection was on. Tapping on an icon enables or disables it. Now with iOS 11, things are going to get interesting. Open Settings and navigate to either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and turn them off.

Apple's new mobile operating system iOS 11 might look similar to its predecessor iOS 10, and its functions might be reminiscent of the past, but there are some hidden features any user will want to check out.

What's odd is, there was already a way to do this.

The camera app of iPhone users those using iOS 11 will let the users scan the QR code. All you have to do is move your finger very slightly and press down. The OS puts iPhone users into a questionable state while guessing if the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity of their phone are on or off. However, the Wi-Fi is still on in the settings and will continue to search for other networks. But most notable changes are still under the hood.

As The Verge reports, this decision by Apple is likely meant to make sure that accidental disconnection of the Apple Watch from the iPhone is minimized. Not a problem. We just need to add a second keyboard. Simply being in range of an infected device is sufficient to pass the virus along.

According to us soon you people will be able to witness a jailbreak iOS 11 device like iPhone X, iPhone 8 and earlier iPhones as some developers and hackers are working on it all over the world. Apple just made this more hard.

Turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi reduces your exposure to potential attacks to hardware, firmware and software, so "it's good practice", Barisani told Motherboard.

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