January 24 2018

German voters declare support for Merkel to avoid their own 'AWFUL' Brexit

January 24 2018, 01:55 | Van Peters

Germany's right-wing AfD says Islam 'does not belong here'

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Merkel knows this. It also helps her that her main political rival, Martin Schulz of the social democrats are growing electorally weaker every day.

Many Germans living in the Eastern part of the country are quite candid about why they have shifted their political allegiance from the centrist parties to the far right. It took 64 days to thrash out the coalition deal. The Spanish state asserts its right to remain a unitary one and the Madrid government is directly intervening in the devolved government of one of its richest contributing regions. Interwar Czechoslovakia did not have to fear about its future until Germany had leaders who were ready to seek global understanding, Houska writes and adds that the eventual arrival of different [Nazi] politicians resulted in a disaster that was fatal not only for the Czechs. Instead of hurting the AfD's electoral prospects, however, the smear campaign has ended up driving more voters toward the party. The CDU kept its top spot with 34 percent support, down 2 points and the SPD was down one point to 21 percent. The SPD is also reluctant to back planned defense spending hikes. He has struggled to gain traction with a campaign that centred on righting perceived economic injustices for Germany's have-nots. If they win sufficient votes, this is the most likely scenario. "The other ones that were most successful were people who actually love data". It has more radical tax reduction and privatization plans, opposes deeper European Union integration and wants European Union countries to be able to quit the euro zone.

Martin Hikel, the chairman of the SPD branch in Neukölln, an SPD stronghold in western Berlin and home to the city's large Turkish community, told The Independent Ms Merkel's pleasing political style had led to the "depoliticisation" of Germany.

The key question coming out of Sunday's vote will be whether we see a renewal of vows between the current coalition parties - the Christian Democratic Union (CDU)/the Christian Social Union (CSU) and the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) - or a new coalition involving the Free Democrats (FDP) and possibly the Green Party.

Both the Greens and FDP - who are at opposite ends of the political spectrum - have played down the likelihood of joining forces, fearing it would put off their voters. They have a leftist agenda on tax and social policy. For instance, the CDU partnering with FDP and Greens under Merkel's leadership. The party was founded in 1980 with a strictly environmentalist and pacifist platform.

Not much will change in Europe as a result of this win. When new political actors walk into the scene, they often show innovative communication strategies, such as the widespread use of online channels, a highly engaged network of supporters, and a general inclination towards negative campaigning. Clashes are also likely on some aspects of energy policy and auto emissions regulation following the diesel scandal.

Since its founding in 2013, the party, led by economist Alice Weidel and former CDU politician Alexander Gauland, has been shaking up the German political landscape. This would be a remarkable feat considering the number of crises - from the Greek debt crisis to the war in Ukraine to Brexit - that she has had to fend off.

If you ask Germans whether there is a local version of the American dream, they may refer self-deprecatingly to an old ad for the Sparkasse, the network of savings banks: "My house". The Left and AfD, however, are excluded. Such a coalition would probably focus on boosting investment and tackling inequality and adopt a more Russia-friendly stance.

It is a mystery what his support for the AfD has in common with his alleged adherence to Masaryk and Benes, since it is widely known that German nationalists never brought anything good to Czechs in the past.

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