January 24 2018

Jadeveon Clowney scoop and scores on Tom Brady

January 24 2018, 01:45 | Sammy Rose

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers post messages of 'unity' as unprecedented NFL Sunday dawns

Tom Brady And Aaron Rodgers Show Support For NFL Players' Protest Following Donald Trump 'Son Of AB*tch

Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady was among the New England Patriots who locked arms in solidarity in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

The Houston Texans defense is nothing to joke about. He was his usual self on New England's final drive of the game, keeping his cool and making the big plays.

Starting at their own 25, the Patriots picked up a holding call and a couple of first downs before Brady coughed up the ball when he was hit by Marcus Gilchrist.

NBC News reports, Tom Brady was seen standing while locking arms with his teammate Phillip Dorsett.

More than 100 players sat or knelt, the form of protest started last season by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who was campaigning against what he saw as civil rights abuses in the United States. They wanted to make him uncomfortable and they did that too.

For a team that prides itself on executing in key moments, the Patriots have been absolutely bad in short-yardage situations.

The Texans fell to 1-2 despite a breakout performance by quarterback Deshaun Watson. He has played pretty well in his first couple games and he is only gonna improve over time. Unfortunately, the team's pass defense was largely nonexistent.

Denver were one of seven previously unbeaten teams to taste defeat in early games on Sunday. Brissett, acquired in a trade with New England this month, was 17-for-24 with 259 yards. I mean, that was a lot of a big plays we made.

"I think no matter how you get it, you've got to figure out how to win the game", Brady said. The ball, still in midair, was scooped up by Clowney and returned for a touchdown to put the Texans back on top at the time, 20-14. With Cannon out, extra attention had to be paid to blocking Watt, That left lanes open for other Texans defenders all afternoon long. This will result in a couple sacks and turnovers.

Rex Burkhead, who got the Patriots engine started in the win over New Orleans suffered a rib injury later into the game.

Brady threw five touchdown passes and completed his 52nd fourth-quarter comeback.

But the offense will face a tougher challenge this week as the Houston Texans come to town. Sure enough, a starting Patriots tackle had difficulties with the Houston pass rush, but it sure wasn't Waddle. "So they don't really know what it's like".

Watson had this success against a team that has dominated rookie quarterbacks at home. He caught this game-winning touchdown. He has 29 targets, which is nearly half of the team's total.

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