March 18 2018

Everybody Closer To Become A Reality — Samsung Galaxy X

March 18 2018, 05:12 | Geraldine Moore

Image showin S Pen and Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 S-pen

Samsung's foldable smartphone has been amidst in rumours for quite some time now.

After the launch of iPhone X, Samsung chief told that their company is working on foldable devices and indicated that the Galaxy Note 9 might possess such type of foldable display. The design and features of the Galaxy X are still unknown.

If you're not quite sure what we mean by a foldable phone (and why would you be?), check out the concept video from TechConfigurations at the top of this story. The “N0” suffix reportedly marks a Korean model.

The first protocol of flexible display, confirming that a "foldable" phone is possible, was showcased in 2013 by Samsung. The list of product includes a number of smartphones along with televisions, wearables, mobile service packs and audio accessories. But things don't stop there.

The NRRA filing doesn't provide any insight into what the Samsung Galaxy X, or SM-G888N0, can actually do. This indicates about the wireless technology that the device possesses. This certification adds to the already received in terms of Bluetooth connectivity.

But now, the Galaxy X has allegedly surfaced in a listing filed with a Korean regulator. The highlight of the smartphone is said to be its foldable screen. But if hushed tones are to be believed, the phone is said to be a flexible model created to become your smartphone or a tablet as per the user convenience.

Barring the screen-size, both the Galaxy S8 (5.8-inch) and the Galaxy S8 Plus (6.2-inch) boast identical hardware and exterior looks. However, it was not revealed what exact problems Samsung is facing to make a bendable display handset. However, with all the reports coming in, the year 2018 will probably be the year of bendable display screens. On the other hand, Samsung's Bluetooth-based cord-free IconX earbuds are priced just Rs. 7,990, nearly half its MRP: Rs. 13,400.

The phones come with IP68 water-and-dust certifications, meaning it can survive five feet underwater for close to 30 minutes. The phone will be a part of Samsung's "Note" lineup, according to Dongjin Koh. Well, what is NRRA, it is South Korea's version of US FCC. The CES would be the ideal event for unveiling the foldable handset.

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