January 24 2018

Earthquakes in Mexico call for greater preparation in California

January 24 2018, 01:46 | Van Peters

Swarm of earthquakes rock Mexico days after 7.1 magnitude tremor killed hundreds

Mexico raises earthquake death toll to 293

As officials turn their focus to rebuilding, rescuers continued to search for survivors in the remnants of collapsed buildings five days after a magnitude 7.1 natural disaster hit Mexico, killing at least 319 people.

He also helped rescue efforts in the quake that hit Oaxaca and Chiapas in the southeast of the country on September 7.

THIS lucky pup was rescued from the rubble of a collapsed apartment block - six days after it was destroyed by the deadly Mexico City natural disaster.

The largest search and rescue effort was under way at an office building in the Roma section of Mexico City where 40 people may be buried, based on families who have reported their relatives missing, Puente said.

Netanyahu made his first trip as prime minister to Mexico last week meeting with President Pena Nieto and offering reconstruction aid following an quake that killed 96 people in southern Mexico earlier this month.

The bodies of eight foreigners have been recovered from the rubble of the quake that struck Mexico City, officials said on Saturday.

After a 6.1-magnitude aftershock jolted the Oaxaca region Saturday, many traumatized residents have been sleeping on the streets amid fears of additional building collapses and packing churches to pray for victims. However, a major quake, meaning one with a magnitude of 7 or higher, is going to throttle California sooner or later, and it'll be us who will need to be rescued if we are not prepared. "We have too many sandwiches already, '" he said.

"We are afraid for our own safety", said Maribel Martinez Ramirez, an employee of a government development agency who, along with dozens of co-workers, refused to enter their workplace Monday.

Rescue workers had told journalists they were certain a girl was alive beneath the rubble, but the different versions of the story varied widely.

"All they tell us are lies", said Anel Jimenez, 42, whose cousin Martin Estrada, a 30-year-old accountant, was inside a seven-storey office building when it collapsed.

The most visible sign of the city coming back to life were the rush hour queues after a week of eerie quiet along the avenues and highways that criss-cross the capital, known for its gridlock.

Tuesday's quake hit on the anniversary of the deadly 1985 tremor that by some estimates killed 10,000 people.

Frida, and the entire Paw Squad, as the group of canines who assisted rescue efforts are known, became symbols of love and hope in Mexico, rendering Frida the ideal icon to put on their charitable pins.

The natural disaster, along with an 8.0 quake less than two weeks earlier, has affected people in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Morelos and Mexico City.

"Time has gotten the best of us".

The Los Angeles County Fire Department is one of many worldwide aid entities that has deployed its task force to Mexico City to assist in rescue and recovery efforts.

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