December 16 2017

No Mercy: Lesnar survives war against the Monster

December 16 2017, 03:03 | Frederick Owens

We will have live ongoing results throughout the show so make sure to refresh this page every few minutes for updated results. He's won the Royal Rumble, main evented the past two WrestleMania pay-per-views and holds impressive wins over Cena and The Undertaker (one of only two people to defeat the Deadman on WWE's biggest stage). Plus, his sudden push on Raw after the previously mentioned obscurity on SD gives the impression that Jordan is getting an entitled push, and we all know how well that worked for Roman Reigns.

With John Cena silenced at No Mercy, Roman Reigns now has his eyes on the biggest prize in the WWE: Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship. Elias won by pinfall with the Drift Away. They showed Titus O'Neil looking upset at ringside. It was amusing he went and sat back against that ring post when Roman left. The Miz in an IC Title match.

Miz retained against Jason Jordan with help from Bo Dallas and Curtis Axle.

The polarizing reactions started the moment both entrances finished and when everyone got the chance to soak this first-time match in.

This is Braun's first loss since his match with Reigns at Fastlane and also the first time he hasn't impressed in the ring since he re-debuted on Raw a year ago. The fans booed Jordan during the post-match interview. As far as I'm concerned, Sasha is still as over and capable as any diva in the WWE these days, but, for some reason, her stock seems to be on the decline these days, which is too bad. Balor's mic skills aren't fantastic and one of the only things that he has in his arsenal as a character is that "Demon King" gimmick. The members of The Shield also enjoyed success separately during their run as a faction, with Ambrose holding onto the U.S. Championship for an extended period, and Rollins and Reigns becoming tag team champions.

It looked like Cesaro lost some teeth when he went mouth first into the ring post.

Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt again almost stole the show with a match that had an incredibly fast pace and was fought with an intensity that showed each wanted to beat the other as badly and as quickly as possible.

Going into No Mercy, many fans noted that the card seemed Wrestlemania-worthy. Cesaro quickly retreated back stage with Sheamus and started posting bloody, toothless selfies on Twitter. Bliss performed her Snap DDT on Bayley to successfully pin her afterwards.

The women's title match was great. Rumors were that Amore alienated the rest of the roster back stage, which was why the WWE wouldn't let him win. The champ smack talks his way through majority before Neville shows up. His series with Finn Balor was no different, though I do like that they're trying to build up Balor as a victor with and without the demon paint. The match looked over, but Reigns barely kicked out before three. Two matches where older top guys are battling younger versions of themselves.

It was a mixed night for Roman Reigns, fresh from his huge win over John Cena at No Mercy.

Afterwards, Cena showed respect to Reigns by raising his hand in victory.

At SummerSlam in August, Strowman, the "Monster Among Men", was, by and large (no pun intended), the best part of an uber-entertaining Fatal 4-Way match between him, Lesnar, Reigns and Samoa Joe. Neville "distracted" the referee and prevented the count out (because the match was not supposed to end that way), but the fans all knew this was a mistake in timing.

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