December 16 2017

Britain 'prepared' if Brexit negotiations fail: May

December 16 2017, 04:52 | Van Peters

REUTERSTheresa May said Brexit would happen by March 2019 despite a transition period


The US and China - the world's two largest economies - are the most important places for Britain to expand trade, followed by Japan, Canada and Korea, Baker McKenzie said.

Meanwhile, German MEP Manfred Waber called on Mrs May to "sack" Boris Johnson.

"There are fences 12 metres high and this is in the 21st Century", he said.

Brodkin, whose stage name is Lee Nelson, has pulled off other high-profile stunts including showering global soccer federation president Sepp Blatter with money during a 2015 press conference.

The move comes despite a major speech by British Prime Minister Theresa May in Florence, Italy, last month offering concessions, and the fourth round of Brexit talks in Brussels - which ended on a more optimistic note than before.

"We can build a deep and special partnership through free trade [with Europe]", Johnson said.

In her speech on Wednesday, May said her government would spend an extra 2 billion pounds ($2.65 billion) to build cheaper houses for social housing.

But many Conservatives see her as a lame duck, and a leadership challenge could come much sooner.

"Decisions about how to spend our taxes - made here in Britain".

The Brexit Secretary said the Government expected to achieve a "good deal" with the European Union, but added: "If the outcome of the negotiation falls short of the deal that Britain needs we will be ready for the alternative".

"There may be a transition period", Barnier, who must be mandated by the European Council to negotiate the point, said.

'That is what a responsible government does. "And let me reassure everyone in this hall - that is exactly what we are doing".

The Brexit secretary was speaking at the Conservative Party conference on Tuesday, where he appeared to ape the United States president's election slogan of "Make America Great Again". "But the greater the emphasis the EU27 place on the outline of a future free trade deal to move talks onto transition, the more hard this will make life for May, given ongoing divisions within the Conservative Party".

The mood has been dampened by the party's poor showing in June's national election, which saw the Tories reduced to a minority administration.

"She seems to be under attack from all sides", Bale said.

A "transition or implementation period" was the most important requirement, Woods said, as he warned that the further away an agreement is from Christmas, the less effective it would be in helping to reassure City firms about the changes they need to cope with Brexit.

For instance, I was alerted to the fact that with Brexit, life and other pension agreements contracted with British insurance companies by European Union citizens could become legally inoperative (the same holds for "vice versa" arrangements). Weber asked, describing May's Conservative government as "trapped by their own party quarrels".

She said an audit will be published on October 10 spelling out the "uncomfortable truths" of life in Britain, showing how people of different racial backgrounds are treated in the health, education, employment and the criminal justice system.

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