March 18 2018

Alexis Multispeciality Hospital's breast cancer awareness drive

March 18 2018, 04:55 | Irvin Gilbert

12-year-old Van Berman kicks field goals for a cause raising funds for breast cancer awareness

12-year-old Van Berman kicks field goals for a cause raising funds for breast cancer awareness

Khupe, who is a breast cancer survivor, urged women to bestow trust on health professionals on issues to do with breast cancer testing and treatment, and not on prophets to avert preventable deaths.

There are a number of ways people can help advance breast cancer research through a variety of charities, 5K runs and much more.

In the first, 11 a.m. on October 12, people can learn about breast cancer screening and genetic risk assessment. This announcement comes as Breast Cancer Awareness month gets underway in October.

According to National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. "Without research, it is unlikely that any significant improvement in breast cancer treatment will be achieved", Dr Pouliot said. Breast cancer occurs most often in women, and 2 of every 3 women with invasive cancer are diagnosed after age 55.

"I watched my mom go through breast cancer, I watched my mom loose every hair on her head, I watched my mom pass away".

When Couch was diagnosed with Breast Cancer twenty years ago, her first reaction to the news of cancer was utter shock. "I was 28 years old, happily married, three awesome kids and then I met an incredible young lady that changed my life and my family's life forever", she says. "It's awesome to think that you can take cans and bottles worth five cents and make a lot for something that people need help with".

Ornellas said there are other events scheduled in observance of breast cancer month, including the historic County Building being lit in pink.

Dr Akhani said, " In India, breast cancer is growing at 4.5 per cent and estimates show that 0.75 million women have been detected with breast cancer. Breast Cancer Facts & Figures can be found on the ACA's website.

Screening does not prevent breast cancer, but early detection increases the likelihood of successful treatment and potential to be cancer-free.

We asked Dr. Watts if there is any way to avoid breast cancer. While the cushion's grip-like surface holds the breast tissue in place, the patient is more comfortable and as a result more relaxed.

NWR offers mammograms at two outpatient imaging centers on the north side of Indianapolis - extended evening and weekend appointments are available at 10603 N. Meridian Imaging Center.

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