March 18 2018

UFC 216: Several streaks on the line on Saturday

March 18 2018, 05:08 | Sammy Rose

UFC 216 predictions Can Ray Borg pull off a miracle upset over Demetrious Johnson

UFC 216 predictions Can Ray Borg pull off a miracle upset over Demetrious Johnson

"This will definitely be the fight that helps me to get the respect I've been looking for, for a long time".

Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White said Saturday's UFC 216 event will go on despite the mass shooting that left 58 people dead and more than 500 wounded.

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These are the Punch Drunk Predictions. Lee, who was 174 pounds on Thursday afternoon, had said that making weight was going to be no problem. I had tiramisu last night.

"Oh yeah, yeah, I didn't take a picture of it".

"I'm one of the most ruthless vatos out there". It is often not the most stacked fights cards that deliver, but rather those people ignore. "I've got nothing aggressive against him".

Ferguson poses a risky submission threat though and has been working hard on his all-round BJJ skills with Eddie Bravo during the past year since his last fight, so he'll be well prepared whether he's on top or on his back. "So, look, look, the sh*t gonna hurt when it gets down to the last (few pounds), when it gets down to the end, but I'm gonna man up about it, especially when you're talking 20 percent (of my purse)..."

"People that live in Vegas are tough", Dunham said. I'm just so surprised they are still allowing this fight.

Before that flyweight title fight takes place, two heavyweights will duke it out when former champion Fabricio Werdum (-260) faces Derrick Lews (+200).

"I'm here. I got the shot and I'm going to make the most of it and rewrite history".

When Ferguson did it after giving Lee the thousand-yard-stare, it scared the holy bejaysus out of him.

Call me insane, but I'm calling the upset. Passing several higher ranked guys in the process and being able to land a disputed number one contender spot victor takes all fight.

Fight fans questioned whether the MMA hero would accept a disqualification for a headline-grabbing stunt if he was well behind on the judges' cards.

This is a terrific fight and should be a really fun way to kick off the main card.

He has had his recent battles with the UFC about getting his due. Both are excellent grapplers, but the difference here will be how well Dariush is able to do in the standup.

Striking and grappling sourced via FightMetric.

"When you're saying, 'I'll fight anybody, anytime.' You're f-king full of shit".

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