January 24 2018

Hell in the Cell: Shocking assist leads to McMahon's downfall

January 24 2018, 02:00 | Sammy Rose

Triple H explains what's on offer at WWE Hell in a Cell Triple H explains what's on offer at WWE Hell in a Cell

Triple H explains what's on offer at WWE Hell in a Cell     
          Triple H explains what's on offer at WWE Hell in a Cell

The referee tossed them out, allowing Nakamura to hit the Kinshasa knee strike. The pace these two teams were working with was off the charts. Among them will be a tag team title bout as well as a possible epic clash featuring "SmackDown" Commissioner #Shane Mcmahon against superstar Kevin Owens.

Up next was Randy Orton vs. Rusev.

One more thing: Hit those share buttons! Corbin is bad. Kings game started will this match was going on so I started tuning it out.

This there was Baron Corbin beating AJ Style and Tye Dillinger to become the new United States Champion. Chris is texting me how great this was. Mahal is the recipient of the first "That's too far" chant that I'd ever heard. Jinder Mahal needs to drop the belt asap, as it has now lost all relevance and the company need to stop giving us such boring, formulaic matches. Work over a body part. They've put on solid matches in the past and Sunday should be no different. It's how Shane matches go, and it's why I look back fondly on his encounters with the likes of Kurt Angle, Randy Orton and A.J. Styles.

MATTHEW ASHER: If there's another one of those Montreal/Chicago Screwjob references or finishes, I'm not going to be happy. The ending result of that feud ended Bookers ability to be a top level star. If it does, then it would involve 3 women in the story, which is always better than two.

Either insane Canadian Kevin Owens is a diabolical genius or he has truly lost the plot.

I'd be much more invested in this if we were in 2013.

It's hard to explain my thought process here without giving away one of my predictions for later in this article, but I don't think it's anything you weren't already expecting.

If you didn't get the chance to watch "Hell in a Cell" or want to relive one of the biggest moments, we highly suggest this video where McMahon threw Owens into an announce table from 10 feet in the air.

Shane McMahon is now officially WWE's version of Eddie The Eagle. Because, of course theres bolt cutters under the ring. And the two scaled the cell. Shane eventually climbed to the top and the two brawled. If insulting Shane McMahon and his family wasn't bad enough, Owens beat the living heck out of the WWE's Chairman & CEO, Vincent McMahon.

I've heard it all before: He's a heel, and in 2017 it's pretty impressive to have a heel outright hated by the crowd instead of ironically cheered like Owens and Braun Strowman, but watching Mahal's program month after month is starting to feel like a chore. It felt so unnecessary. This opened the match for Owens, however, who threw McMahon into the cell on multiple occasions.

What about the other matches? The vignettes are fun, but they, like Sami Zayn's interference, have to lead to something interesting, right? Yep, didn't see that coming.

Owens pinned Shane shortly after the crash, after once again receiving help from Zayn.

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