March 22 2018


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Ronnie Cain

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Clarence Walton
Category: Finance
I have always had a passion for writing and I bring that passion into my copywriting business. Whether you want the copy writing for an entire website or a simple proofread and edit, I will make sure ...

Frederick Owens
Category: Entertaiment
I am a specialist in Writing, Editing, Proofreading, & Data Entry. - I have a professional work experience in the Business Administration field. High quality skills to provide the best, in order to m...

Geraldine Moore
Category: IT&Software
As an accomplished, distributed independent columnist, I offer top quality, imaginative pieces on an assortment of subjects, particularly travel, music, and nourishment, yet can deliver first rate art...

Jodi Jackson
Category: Science
Precision. Speed. Customer Satisfaction. These three things have been the center of my editing and duplicate written work before joining ELANCE. I have involvement in sealing and altering at all level...

Sammy Rose
Category: Sport
For more than four years, I was the Associate Editor of one of North America's driving Christian daily papers, with a readership of 320,000. In this position I not just created and appointed article t...

Van Peters
Category: World Media
Expert in Proofreading/Editing, Content Writing, Medical Writing, Online Tutor, Assignments marking, and online literature search, SEO content writing. Assisted many M.Sc. /MD and Ph.D. students in th...

Irvin Gilbert
Category: Health Care
Master in Proofreading/Editing, Content Writing, Medical Writing, Online Tutor, Assignments stamping, and online writing pursuit, SEO substance composing. Helped numerous M.Sc. /MD and Ph.D. understud...

Rex Rios
Category: National
I am a seasoned creative professional with an advanced degree in the arts. As a former educator, I have additional strengths in writing, proofreading, editing, and creating presentations. I am current...